All About Me

Many many years later I took an interest in making jewelry.  I started making my own beads from paper, clay and even glass.  After my retirement i decided to start doing craft shows and someone noticed my jewelry and asked me to join them at a art gallery showing my pieces.  I volunteered in the shop while showing my jewelry. I then started to make what i called remembrance beads.  I took flowers from weddings, funerals and any festivities that you had flowers and wanted to remember. I would incorporate the dried flowers in the clay and make bead and then made jewelry with them.  That went well.  I loved making jewelry, but my hands were starting to give me issues. I went to paint rocks or rock dotting, I looked into doing mandala art.  I love it and it was very meditating.  I still like to do those.  I then saw some videos on tumblers with epoxy.  I instantly fell in love with that craft and became very creative with it.  I like the fact that I can personalize that tumbler with just about anything.  Now I am hooked and want to make this my business.  I started to do live videos and want to show others how I make mine.  Join me and let's have fun.

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